Thursday, April 12, 2012

My MMORPG Adventure Time

So, to keep up with my descent into total a shut in, I've started to play an MMOPRG. I've never played one before (heck, I don't even play the multiplayer doodad on Xbox), so I thought this would be a fun experiment.
My criteria for finding a game to start gaming the following:
1. Must be compatible with a Mac.
2. Must be free.
3. Must be fantasy based.

Really, that was it, so the world was give or take my oyster. I couldn't play WoW, because that shit costs money, and DDO was off the table because you need a Windows platform. So, because of this, I picked up Minions of Mirth. I mean, come on, it's got mirth right there in the title so you know it's going to be fun!
Starting off, I realized that MMOs and video games are NOT the same thing. Toss in Mass Effect 3 and they'll start you off easy, giving you some target practice and showing you how to play the game, then give you a storyline that you have to play through. When I entered the world of Minions of Mirth, there was no real starting point and there's no "real" story line, so you just kind of wander. I had to run around a while until I figured out how to talk to people and get quests. Luckily, MoM is made up of the nicest people ever, and when I waved my newb flag in chat, I had lots people willing to help me (all surprisingly snark free!). One person even gave me armor and weapons and a healing spell, so I wouldn't die right off the bat.

So, after all this, and finding out how to fight/talk to people/get quests, I've been having a good time. I don't really know what else you're supposed to do in an MMO besides punch skeletons and give townspeople the bat fangs they're craving, but I'm learning. I guess somewhere along the line I'll have to join a team, but it's a pretty sparsely populated game (from where I am), so I don't actually know where to find people.

Anyway, like I said, this is my adventures into MMORPG, so we'll see where this takes me.

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