Monday, April 30, 2012

MMORPG - Adventure Time #3 (End of the adventure)

I'm giving up on Minions of Mirth.  I might as well just give up on MMORPGs all together because I find it kind of boring.
Unless I get a team together, I've got fuck all to do except kick a bunch of skeletons in the teeth (which I do a lot because I've got 48 Broken Skulls in my inventory), and that's pretty fucking boring.  Every time I've tried to get to another town, or into another section, some giant evil thing busts out and beats me to death.  While I have been leveling up, it's just not enough to beat these giant dudes, and so I'm stuck in this town.
I get that this game these style games are more fun if you can get a team together but really, listen, I have a blog about drinking and comic books, do you think I have any friends?  No. If I had social skills to get people to hang out with me, I'd be doing that in real life!  With real people! Clearly, this game is bringing up some issues I have to deal with (and by deal with, I mean make some margaritas and play Portal 2).
Buy anyway, I am stepping away from MMOs and I am stepping away from online play in general.  I think I will stick with things I understand: Aperture Science Handheld Portal Devices.

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