Friday, April 20, 2012

MMORPG Adventure Time #2

So here's an update on my MMORPG gaming quest.  If you remember, I'm playing Minions of Mirth, and currently, I've got one player: A Level 8 Ranger.
You guys, gaming is boring. Listen, before you curse me out, or do whatever internet people do (Photoshop cats, I'm guessing), hear me out here. I am used to storyline driven video games.  Games where I have an objective and an ending are what I'm used to; playing without a "real" storyline is completely new to me. If I rescue the princess, or kill off GLaDOS, I win!  In MMOs, regardless of how many quests I do, there is never an end, and that's frustrating for one not used to that.  It just keeps going.
Beside trying to get used to the lack of storyline thing, I'm frustrated with my Ranger level.  I'm high enough where I can kill off small enemies with ease, but anything bigger and I die.  I'm basically stuck in this one city killing off skeletons and wood mites because I can't battle the bone golem, since those dicks keep killing me the second I flash my battle hammer (one plus in this game: BATTLE HAMMER).
And the number one reason I'm bored with this game is there is nobody to interact with because I have yet to get into a guild, or a team, or whatever it's called when I play with other people. Talking to a friend who is an actual MMO player (World of Warcraft), she confirmed my suspicion: Playing with just yourself is boring, joining in with a group and killing things together is fun.  Here's the deal, I have no clue how to actually join a guild.  Maybe there's a way to do it, but without somebody saying, "Oy!  This is how you join a guild!"  I'm totally lost. 
Luckily for me, I have hoodwinked my amazing husband into playing a MMO with me.  The adventure continues once he joins the battle!

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