Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Giant Sized Comic Thing

Not shown at actual size

So, for the summer,DC is trying to pimp WEDNESDAY COMICS.  It needed the capslock because it needs to be said in a booming announcer voice. Oh, and like, a cymbal crash and a little horn solo with BUM-BUM at the end, too.  Anyway, I digress: Wednesday Comics.  Basically, it's going to be a big comic book (and I mean big, it's going to be 14x20 inches) with one page for each character.  That's....cool?  So let's see, there's 15 characters in Wed. Com. (I abbreviate everything!) and it goes for 12 weeks.  You might say, "Hey!  That's a lot of stories!  I would love it!"  And I would say, "Wait, you may be wrong!"
Think about it, its just going to be like the regular daily strips in the newspaper; there is going to be the few comics you like (Get Fuzzy, Lio) and the few you can't stand (Mary Worth) and then, then there are going to be the ones that make your eyes boil with rage for the very fact they exist (Family Circus, One Big Happy).  Do you really want to endure that in a comic book with super heros?  Also, a giant freaking comic book.  That sucker is NOT going to fit in my freaking long box, jerks!

OK, I know I'm complaining, but for serious, I'm going to pick up a copy.  And I'm going to do this for two reasons: One, I don't read much DC (except for Secret Six), and this looks like a good entry into the DC universe.  Two, Kurt Busiek.  He's writing a Green Lantern story and he is amazing.  The reason I started reading super hero comics was because of his Avengers Assemble run.  And have you read his Marvels book?  Man, this guy can WRITE!  Honestly, all the other stories can be crappier than when Billy blames something on Not Me  and as long as there's a Busiek comic in it, I'll buy it (similar to my other saying: As long as there's liquor in it, I'll drink it!).

Anyway, it comes out tomorrow, so if anyone can find some real big plastic sleeves for that, call me up.