Monday, May 4, 2009

first post! be excited!

Free Comic Book Day done right with Brotherhood Spiced Wine

So Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, and in between hitting up the comic book store and watching the shitfest that was that new Wolverine movie (more on that in a later post), I decided to start up a blog.  Not just any blog, I said.  An awesome new blog.  A blog so awesome it will totally kick you in the ass!  And then, I got drunk off some Brotherhood, forgot about the blog, and fell asleep reading Atomic Robo.
Then, I woke up Sunday, surprised that I remembered most of yesterday, and said, yes, I will start that blog.
Then I got lazy.
And then Monday came.  And it rained.  And I decided to ditch going to the gym and instead sat on my ass, drank some Mr. Brown, and started this blog!


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