Tuesday, May 12, 2009

best comic of the summer is about to come out


So while the rest of you are reading about Dark Reign and whatever Norman Osborn is doing (and what would be awesome is if he turned out to be a Skrull this entire time and the real Norman Osborn is still dead, but whatevs), I will be hanging out reading the coolest story of the summer:  LOCKJAW and the PET AVENGERS!  The first comic comes out tomorrow and is only $2.99 (I can't even buy a can of Tecate for that much!)

OK, seriously, how could you not find this the coolest book ever?  It's got Lockjaw! Frog Thor!  And Niles!   I hope that somewhere in the story they give a plot line about how Niles got out of being Penitent Puss and booked it from Penance (Deadpool and GLI Summer Fun).  Oh, maybe it will be a heartbreaking back story about how he had to leave Robbie, and there's a cute little kitten written note?  Anyone else remembering those Kinko's ads with the copy cat?

Ooooh, and I really hope there's a lot of drool shots.  I'm a dog freak (not that kind of freaking), and I seriously love drooly dogs.  Lockjaw is my idea of a dream dog:  Four or five feet tall, moisture coming out of at least one orifice, looks like he's in a constant state of ennui, can teleport me to the closest bar, and has a totally bitching hogan 'stache....actually, that might be my description of a dream boyfriend...

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