Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Angel met Law & Order and then they had a weird baby

'sup Bob.

I loved Buffy, and I loved Angel. Vampires, witches, ghosts, etc etc. All great. Loved the giant cast of characters, loved the cheesy monsters, loved (and still repeat) the one liners.
Yet, I have another love, and that love is Law & Order (DUN dun!). Heck, if you have cable, it's on all the time on 6 different channels, so even if I didn't really love it at first, the Stockholm Syndrome of being with it 24/7 got me falling pretty hard.

So, what if they joined my love of Jos Whedon with my love of corpses in a dumpster? Why, they would birth the Dresden Files! Now, we know that genetics can take two really good looking people and end up making a pretty unattractive child (cough, Rumor Willis, cough cough), so there is no way that the Dresden Files (which I am now going to call DF for short) could be as good at both Angel and Law & Order. For one thing, they would have to contend with the one thousand spinoffs and one million episodes that Law & Order has under its belt. Also, seriously, I had such a crush on Wesley and Bob is just not doing it for me, regardless of the British accent. Ah, Wesley with the glasses and knowledge about demons and hand to hand combat....sigh.

But that aside, I have sat down and watched the first three episodes and they are pretty good. Not great (come on, the first one had the trope of a little boy in trouble), but unlike something like Eureka, where I could barely focus on those characters, DF is actually getting me into the story line. I'm interested in the back stories, Bob and Dresden's magical abilities, and of course, any and all wonderful ghouls or demons they're going to bring up (please, not too much CGI, I need to see some rubber costumes).

And visually, it's really getting me. I love the look of Dresden's office: Old magic books, dusty looking things in jars, candles, Bob's skull. All great.

I guess the big disappointment is that it only ran for a season. Luckily, it's all on Hulu, but if I'm enjoying the first three episodes this much, I know I will be itching for more when I finish all of them. Luckily, they have Warehouse 13 up (and still running), so I can get my big dusty book fix somewhere.

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