Sunday, July 17, 2011

So...DC Reboot, eh?

Well, well, well. DC is going to have a reboot, eh?
OK, fine, I'm game; comics which rely on the same characters through out the years need a revision. You can't keep telling a chronological story of Batman if he should be about 90-years-old by now. Seriously, you guys, that's how old Batman should be. This is why reboots happen; old man Batman would break a hip when giving a hoodlum a roundhouse kick to the face.

However, as much as I agree there should be a reboot, I hate seeing beloved characters get pushed to the shadows, especially when that means my two favorite DC series get canned: Gail Simone's Secret Six AND Birds of Prey. Sure, sure, there will be some fashion of Birds of Prey coming back, but really, do we want to see this:



Why do I want to read a comic without Lady Blackhawk? I want to see a ballsy chick with a mouth and guns, but all I'm seeing is some Brooklyn hipster with a bad tattoo sleeve. And Black Canary, where are your shoes? Did you leave them somewhere? Are your shoes part of those fishnet stockings? Really? Because Wonder Woman already did that whole, "shoes as pants," thing with her costume change...

At least we have JH Williams III will be back on Batwoman. His artwork alone will make me buy that book. The colors, the contrasts, the splash pages.....I'm not lying when I say I get a girly nerd boner over his artwork. When I first picked up Batwoman, I grabbed my boyfriend (NOW HUSBAND!) and gushed over the artwork in a way that would have made a harlot blush. Do harlots blush over gushing? Who knows.

Anyway, you guys, there's going to be a reboot and my two favorite series are getting canned. I think that calls for another cocktail recipe to dull the pain. Shall we talk about the joy that is the Dark and Stormy? Let's save that for the next post.

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