Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daredevil #1 - Holy Moly, it's fun!


I'm not a Daredevil reader. Mostly because I don't wan to read about some blind dude moping around. If I wanted to hear about a bunch of complaining from a handicapped person, I'd hangout with my paralyzed from polio uncle when the beer runs out at parties. Seriously, we were having a family reunion once, and I hit a soft ball so perfectly that it broke his beer mug, I thought that dude was going to de-atrophy his muscles just to kick my 8-year-old ass.

But let's get back to the comic: Daredevil is fun. I know! I can't believe it either. First off, the cover is amazing, just amazing. I love the simple black and white color of the background with the crazy intense amount of words making up the city below him. It's a really good idea and it is executed really really well! Come on people! We rarely get both of those at the same time in comics.

Beyond the cover, the story is great. I don't know much of Daredevil's background besides moping, lawyering, and not seeing, but the story was easy to get into, with action and a wry smile to keep me amused (for the 15 minutes it takes to read a comic). I haven't read a lot of Mark Waid, I think he's mostly an editor now, but this was clearly some solid writing.
As much as I want to step back from buying so many books every week, I keep finding reasons to add more to my list. And if they are going to be this good, I honestly don't mind.


  1. OK, it was a wiffle ball. But it's baseball shaped!