Sunday, April 10, 2011

Female+Geek = XX

Listen, for a while now, there's been "girl geeks." I know it's hard to believe; females are to wear skirts, stay in the kitchen, and not get near that big, shiny computer. What on Earth are they doing enjoying Star Wars, reading comics, or playing WoW?! Fucking vaginas are ruining everything!
But seriously, there are girl nerds. There has been XX geeks for a very long time. I mean, come on, the first computer was thought up by a woman! So, if we've been around for so long, why are we still seeing crap like this.
OK, maybe you're looking at it and not feeling all femrage, but I am. I mean, look at it! What girls want are grocery bags, cat toys, and kitchen utensils? What, no pearls and high heels for our vacuuming needs? Oh, and a massage pen? Really? Stop it. And the ice cube trays!!!! Diamond shape and Titanic shape. My eyes are getting stuck in an Eye Roll.

If you've still with me, and I assume the .63 people who read this blog are, you'll kindly look over to the other sections this website offers: Man Cave, Manly Supplies, Big Boy Toys, Be A Man. Yo,, there are too many dicks on the dance floor. Please realize that women also want telescopes. In fact, I'm shopping for one right now. I plan on using it during my honeymoon in Hawaii (side note: don't be jealous). Am I going to purchase one from your website? No, I'm not. Regardless of all the cool looking geekery you offer, I'd much rather take my money someplace were my vagina AND my 12 sided-dice are welcomed. Suck my tampon, and call me when you decide females also know what science, math, and computers are.


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