Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost, it's been a while.

So, I almost gave up the ghost on this blog. "Writing is hard!" I thought, and why should I bother? Well, lucky for you (all one of you) I have some liquid courage pumping through my system (not, sadly, to be confused with Liquid Plumber, no matter how much it looks like a kamikaze shot at one of those frat bars...).
What should I talk about? Comics? No, not yet. I have to be a little less under the influence for the comics post I'm planning, or else you're just going to get one of those weird angry rants where I curse a bunch and end up with no pants in somebody's living room (see: New Years).

Tonight, I am going to give my quick and drunk (which shall now on be tagged as Q&D) thoughts on the Lost premiere:

1. Seriously, how many fucking times did we have to see Juliet get sucked down that hole? And then, just when we think Sawyer finally has her back, bang, she's dead. And DEAD dead, too! The next commercial those ABC assholes show is V, with Elizabeth Mitchell's face popping up all over the place. We get it! She's really not coming back! Stop making me cry!

2. I am now counting six people from Deadwood on this show. You know what? I fucking love this. Deadwood was one of the best shows on TV. Do you know how many times I loll around shouting, "Ah apologize!" A lot. If she hadn't died, it would be awesome if Trixie could have greeted Sol with, "You want a free fuck?"

3. Tangent fucking timelines. I would say it would blow my mine, but I just read Volume 3 of Atomic Robo. Oddly enough, I felt prepared.

About that tangent timeline (the one where the island sinks)...So, anything prior to 1977 happened when pertaining to the island. Anything after that (e.g. Jacob at Sun and Jin's wedding), did not happen. So, Sawyer is the only Lostie (of the ones we know meant Jacob) who actually met Jacob, right? I could sit here and list all the other times, but if in this TTL (tangent timeline) the island is totally gone, one can assume that Jacob might be lost (ha! Pun intended at this point! I'm kind of drunk!).

OK, I have maybe one million more Lost theories, but they need to be put on the back burner for a bit. I need to finish off all this Dharma beer I wrapped up last night before I get whipped into a Lost frenzy and wake up tomorrow wearing a half a jumpsuit somewhere....

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