Friday, June 1, 2012

The Summer of the Zombies

So if you've glanced at your Google news alerts lately, it looks like there's an upcoming zombie apocalypse this summer (and I assume everyone has "zombie apocalypse" as a saved topic for their Google news alerts).  If you haven't, here's a quick run down: Three separate incidences of people eating people, some creepy rash breaking out in Floridian schools, the bug that killed Charles Darwin is hunting around the Americas, and some dude flipping out and throwing his intestines at police officers.

And this is all happened in about two weeks.  If this isn't the first signs of the cannibalistic undead rising up to eat our flesh, I don't really know what is.  Lucky for you, the internet exists and is ready to prepare your sorry ass (playing Left 4 Dead does not mean you're ready to mow down zombies) in case this does pan out to be the real thing.  Here's my quick list of sites you should read prior to the upcoming apocalypse.  If it does happen, you'll find me barracked in the nearest liquor store with my pug and all the boxes of Girl Scout Samosas I could find.

CDC Official Zombie Guide: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has actually sat down and figured out what you need to do in case of a zombie attack. 
Zurvived: A podcast and website dedicated to teaching you what to do and how to survive a zombie attack. 
The Crovel: A weaponized shovel actually endorsed to kill the undead. 
Instructables: Besides showing you how to put an LED in nearly everything, Instructables also has a handy lesson in how to build a zombie survival kit. 
Zombie Squad: They host Zombie Con.  They also teach you how to kill zombies.

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