Friday, September 16, 2011

Amanda Waller got Star Jones'ed

The internet is abuzz today about the liposuction of Amanda Waller. If you're not aware of one of the most bad-ass characters of the DC Universe ever, just look at this Justice League clip:

Dude, even though she had to stand down, she scared the shit out of Batman. Who scares Batman?! Nobody, unless they're Amanda Waller. Because Amanda Waller is just this short, fat, black woman with a no nonsense haircut and woman suit of supreme business and a file on your ass, and she is NOT afraid to make you wet your pants when she uses it.

Listen, I love Amanda Waller. She may not always have the upper hand, but she knows way more than anyone, hero or villain, thinks she knows. In almost any major DC comic, you would see her, and she will be the freaking WALL.


DC wants to un-fat her. Is that a bad this? Well, it yes and no. Amanda Waller, as long as she is portrayed a strong, smarter than you character will always be awesome as an antihero and role model of badassery. But the fact she was fat brought her back down to the "regular people" level. She was fat, she never complained about it, she never cared she wasn't the hot chick, she never gave a fuck what people thought. She kicked ass and took names. Can we have a woman in the DC Universe who is skinny and does the same? Of course we can. But us fat chicks, us girls who don't fit into the stereotypical "hot chick in a costume" trope no longer will have a DC character to point to and say, "We may have a second helping of dinner, but we will also take down Batman like aint no thing."

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