Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Intrepids - Comics Review

I am a sucker for any comics featuring punchy girl heros and 60's go-go boots. If there are robotics and updos, I am on it faster than my lips on a bottle of Brotherhood Spice Wine. So of course, I picked up a copy of The Intrepids #1. And who won't pick up a copy? There's an giant bear robot, a rocket girl, and a huge dude throwing a car! And Scott Kowalchuck's artwork is amazing tight for somebody who only graduated art school a couple of years ago. Two years out of school, and the guy has this great blocky/cartoony vibe which has become my new favorite style. While two years out of college I didn't have health insurance and I was buying food from the dollar store. Boxes of almost expired turkey stuffing was only 50¢. Let's dial back on the sadness factor...

To continue, the story starts off as almost a comic trope. We get introduced to the team (Cyrstal the sharpshooter, Doyle the muscle, Rose the rocket girl, and Chester the IT dude) where they have to fight a factory that creates robot animal hybrids, including the robot bear from the cover. I'll be sad to not see the bear robot again, because really, any animal robot in a comic makes it an instant hit in my book.*** After that, we get introduced to Dante, the old dude and leader of the group. Through flash backs, we understand that they were all lonely kids who were taken in by Dante and all robotically/chemically enhanced to become (dun, dun, dun) The Intrepids! Now they have to go off and fight Doctor Koi, ex-lab partner now arch enemy of Dante (I warned you about the tropes).

So, while a little typical, the artwork and relatively punchy dialogue will have me back for at least one more issue, I'm not too keen on the story as a whole. I'd definitely pick the trade if I find it at a con, but might skip out on picking up the full floppy run.

***Except for We3, the saddest animal robot comic ever. And all you need to see is one panel to know that's the truth. Never give me a comic where there are sad animals if you don't want me to sob uncontrollably for a few hours and then whimper at random intervals for the rest of the night. I barely got through Sea-Guy after that flying tuna died (oops, spoiler).

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