Monday, January 17, 2011

slow claps which then build to faster ones for Amanda Palmer

I really should like Amanda Palmer. She wears striped socks and is spunky! She plays the ukulele! She shaves her eyebrows then paints weird tribal designs over them (actually, scratch that; it looks like bad goth party makeup)!
I say I should like her, because, well, I don't. Her music sounds like the drunk caterwauling of an overly praised drama student. Her feverish attacks on the piano are insanely overbearing in 90% of her songs. Everything is a damn cabaret torch song.
And then, that girl comes out with this:

What. The. Fuck.

Amanda Palmer, is this a fucking dance song?! A DANCE SONG ABOUT MERKINS?! Holy crap, how could I not love this? It's (dare I say it?) amazing. Honestly, Amanda Palmer, if your new album is entirely just like this song, not only will I buy it, but I will handcraft just for you, every single project from this Anticraft issue.

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