Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Comic Con prep sheet

We're hitting up a local con today, mostly because STERANKO! (and yes, his name must be written like that) is going to be there.
While getting ready for a day of comics, it got me wondering what is the essential list of stuff a girl needs to bring with her to a con? You don't want to go overboard bringing things or else you end up like those people with the rolling luggage (if you've been to ANY comic event, you've seen them), but you don't want to go in there all empty handed and ending up paying through the nose for things.
So, wonder no longer, my friends, because here is the BB&C Official Comic Con Prep List:

1. Your purse/bag
If you're bringing one, make sure it is the cross body strap kind. Hands-free is important at a con. Check out this one (roomy AND nerdy!).
2. Water bottle and snacks.
Mid-con snacking is important for your survival.
Please don't make me explain why you need this. Be a true geek and use something like this.
4. Cash
Every time I go to a con, and they say they take credit, the machine is always down. Plus, it is easier to haggle on prices when you can hand them the greenbacks.
5. Tote bag
Paper comic bags start adding up, just get a book tote to toss everything in. May I suggest this one or this one.

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